Ganotherapy Stages

1471725640404Ganotherapy with DXN Ganoderma and Ganocelium enriched products entails entering a time frame with regular consumption through five steps of health improvement. According to Jane Yau, that has been working in the nursing field since 1976, and practicing DXN Ganotherapy for 12 years, with the right nutrients the body is able to heal itself. “If the body is in a constant acidic environment, the Oxygen level will be low, this will cause diseases such as cancer.” – Jane Yau.

In 1993 Dr. Lim Siow authored Ganotherapy after 10 years of researching and testing the effects of Ganoderma. Ganotherapy is a holistic (whole body) approach to alternative and preventative medicine that focuses on cleansing toxins, and fully supporting the immune system to fight diseases.

Statistics show that cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number 1 cause of death globally, and more people die annually from CVDs than from any other cause. In 2012, an estimated 17.5 million people died from CVDs, 31% of all global deaths. From these deaths an estimated 7.4 million were due to coronary heart disease and 6.7 million were due to stroke. Some of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases include unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, tobacco and alcohol use.

How Acidity Affects Blood Cells


How Acidity Affects Blood Cells

Cancer is also one of the leading causes of death globally and in 2012 approximately 14 million new cases were reported and 8.2 million deaths documented. The number of cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the course of the next two decades.

Among men, the 5 most common diagnosed cancers in 2012 were lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach and liver. Among women in the same year, the 5 most common cancers were breast, colorectal, lung, cervix and stomach.

Our body is under attack by many toxins that are mainly caused by our diets and acidic foods.

Taking DXN Ganoderma regularly can help fight the many toxins that accumulate in the body and that cause illnesses. Toxins can be found in the air, from smoking, from motor vehicle emissions. Today’s food also contains many toxins such as food coloring, foods with pesticides, candy and sweets. Also, drinking contaminated water can cause toxin accumulation. Ganoderma helps balance the odds in the best way by strengthening the immune system through 5 Ganotherapy stages.

Stage 1: Scanning (1-30 days). The ganoderma helps to regulate body functions and intake will initiate the scanning effect that will reflect several reactions in the body, and the ailments can be identified.

Stage 2: Cleansing-Detoxification (1-30 weeks). Toxins that have accumulated are removed from the body (circulatory system, sweating) and then discharged from the body (urine, stool).

Stage 3: Regulating (1-12 months). Ganoderma helps regulates the body functions, and many reactions can be observed. Continued healing.

Stage 4: Building (6-24 months). This stage heals body parts that have sustained injuries or damage. Strengthening the immune system, improving physical strength, giving mental calmness and creating more resistance to diseases. In addition, essential elements are delivered to the body, such as minerals and triterpenoid for the recovery of bodily functions.

Stage 5: Regenerating (1-3 years). This stage is the ultimate aim of Ganotherapy. Your body functions at its optimum level and has a rejuvenating effect (youthful appearance, strength, peace of mind).

Ganotherapy supports the body organs, immune system, by continually detoxifying and regulating body functions to achieve good health. Make DXN Ganoderma your faithful companion to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact me to find out about our unbeatable 2017 prices and latest discounts, more information on DXN products, and delivery right to your door. 

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Maintain optimum Oxygen level, Jane Yau.


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