What makes Ganoderma so special?

I think the immune system would be a good place to start, since that is our bodies daily defense against illness, infection and foreign invaders and where DXN Ganoderma truly enhances the body functions. The immune system is the most important task force when it comes to tracking and killing harmful viruses and bacteria, and this defense system is made up of many cells, tissues and organs. A vast and complex network that communicates and works together constantly running to protect and maintain optimum health in the human body.

How white blood cells are created. Image by Alan Hoofring (Illustrator) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

The human immune system works when lymphatic organs i.e. bone marrow, thymus, spleen.. activate the production of various white blood cell types. On average there are around 7,000 white blood cell types in our bodies, per micro liter of blood, and that number can increase to about 11,000 in response to certain infections and diseases. Still, we only have about 1% white blood cells floating in our blood stream from our blood total, constantly in battle mode, playing an essential role to our survival. Being able to maintain and increase your white blood cells significantly when needed is therefore crucial to health. 


White Blood Cell Types
White blood cell types. Image by Shoaib Meran (2011, June 6). Blood cells. Retrieved August 30, 2016 via Say People.

Good nutrients on a daily basis is a requirement to provide the proper support to our immune system, and to most health loving people, the best possible nutrients to boost their vitality and longevity. By making Ganoderma a daily part of your life you are providing your body rich nutrients that will improve the immune system and make it more responsive.

The majority of people today do not have access to top quality ingredients on a constant basis nor on a full spectrum to ensure their meals are 100% safe. The more we learn how our bodies work we also understand that many of the nutrients needed are difficult to obtain through diet alone. Today’s diseases are all associated with foods that are high-fat, high-cholesterol, include chemical substances non pronounceable and non familiar, contain preservatives, and are nutrient depleted foods that are hardly fitting to the needs of a modern person that works 8+ hours a day, exercises, counts calories, has hobbies, spends time with friends frequently, and wants to look & feel good all hours.

Meanwhile, for many people it is challenging to find the time and budget to research where to source 100% safe and certified foods and organize themselves in their daily routines, as well as cook it all into scrumptious meals that will cover their week(s), and supply them with all the proper nutrients at an affordable price. It is a lot of serious work. And that is why we have super food. A new class of super strong nutrient carrying foods where Ganoderma ranks at the top, including 400 important nutrients, that help strengthen the immune system, protect cells, tissues and organs so that you look and feel youthful, with healthier energy.

DXN Ganoderma SpeciesDXN technology and cultivation method ensures people can enjoy Ganoderma extracts in the modern world and that it is 100% safe, organically grown with strict hygiene conditions and standard certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP, TGA, and Halal) at an affordable price. Through a combination of 6 species of Ganoderma mushroom cultivation, DXN Ganoderma is developed, resulting in high quality Ganoderma and Ganocelium that is very potent and rich in nutrients – when compared to wild Ganoderma.

DXN Ganoderma compared to wild Ganoderma

Reasons to use Ganoderma:

  1. Powerful anticancer activity. Ganoderma helps dramatically reduce the risk of cancer and in fighting cancer cells. The antioxidants in DXN Ganoderma are many times more potent than the strongest ingredients available today, with 4-6 times more organic germanium than ginseng, it can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by the blood 150% more than normal. Oxygenation of the cells helps decrease cell degeneration and improves blood circulation carrying nutrients to the cells. Containing 150 antioxidants such as organic germanium, beta glucan, lucidenic acid,  and ganodermanontriol, ganoderma is the best natural choice for protection against cancer.
  2. Prevention of heart diseases. The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body and vital to the circulatory system. Studies show that is has very little regenerative capability and does not heal or restore lost cells. Ganoderma lucidum contains triterpenes and adenosine that can lower platelet angulation and subsequently prevent blood clots and atherosclerosis that are major causes for heart attacks. It also normalizes blood pressure, reduces blood fat, improves micro-circulation and the cardiac cycle.
  3. Decelerates aging and increases life span. DXN ganoderma and ganocelium enhance the immune system functions, regenerate cell functions, and provide ergosterol and important polysaccharides like glucan-D6 that rebuilds bone marrow. Furthermore, a report showed positive results for Ganoderma increasing life span in mice, clearly extending the life span of their normal aging.

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