DXN – The largest producer of high quality certified organic Ganoderma

DXN Headquarters Malaysia - DXN Toronto

Organic Farming: 100% natural ingredients are used such as rice, straw, tree bark (mainly plum), and other organic materials, instead of traditional fertilizers, pesticides or hormones. This method produces more than 200 kinds of primary and secondary elements, such as enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients that help improve the quality of the crop, the quantity of growth and resistance to pests.

  • Suitable Climate – Warm and wet environment, with temperatures that range from 26°C (78.8°F) – 27°C (78.8°F).
  • Clean Water – With a pH maintained between 7,0 and 7,9.
  • Fresh Air – The plantations are located away from the densely populated and polluted areas to ensure the products will be free of toxins.

Method of Tissue Cultures: The fungi have spores which are cells specialized in the creation of new plants. To multiply fungi by seed is like sowing trees from their seed: “It is uncertain if a new fungi will result with exactly the same characteristics of the tamed variety that we want.” Reproducing fungi from tissues creates exactly the same fungi with their “mother” and thus retains the characteristics of the tamed variety that we want. One million pieces of ganoderma are produced from the highest quality of a single mother plant.

Suspension Arrangement Method: Used to avoid the invasion of unwanted ingredients in the ganoderma, thus the development and quality of the ganoderma is secured.

DXN Ganoderma Farm - DXN Toronto - Nick Vlachos
DXN Ganoderma Farm – DXN Malaysia

The international headquarters of DXN has ganoderma plantations of 30 acres in Bukit Wang in Malaysia and 10 acres in Bukit Pinang, Kedah, Malaysia. Both ganoderma farms are equipped with the most advanced cultivation technologies to cultivate the best quality ganoderma, and the most modern laboratories to perform experiments that further the development of ganoderma, relating to the production and manufacturing quality. 

When the ganoderma takes long to grow it acquires many fibers, it becomes hard like leather and loses valuable nutrients. Also, the ganoderma that grows freely is exposed to microbes and toxins, as well as heavy metals and insecticides that are in the atmosphere. 

From the red ganoderma mushroom have come many species, which are all part of the family of the red ganoderma (more than 200 species). Of the 200 species, six species have a stronger therapeutic effect. The product of DXN that for short is called “Gano”, is a combination of these six species!

DXN international headquarters has exclusively developed several advanced cultivation techniques to produce the highest quality of crops in less time. Ganoderma grown on DXN farms only needs three months to harvest compared to other countries, which require six months or more. 

These methods are advantageous not only in the ability to produce top quality ganoderma crop, but also that they can respond excellently to the growing demand of DXN products around the world. 

DXN Laboratories - DXN TorontoDXN has it’s own factory in Malaysia, which is fully equipped with state of the art technology and laboratory to provide quality control and the development of modern products.

The international group of DXN is a group of specialists who closely monitor the overall development, cultivation, production and packaging to ensure the quality of the product is in accordance with international standards. The international office has established strict standards to ensure the proper processing of products with ganoderma in all stages of production to ensure the quality, and the conservation of the rich natural, active ingredients of the raw material.

DXN adopts a cold treatment that can maintain in full the active elements of ganoderma. The total concentration rate of cold treatment is 20:1, which is superior to other methods. DXN uses methods of cultivation under the appropriate and scientifically certified local expertise of Malaysia. 

DXN products do not contain artificial elements, preservatives, coloring and flavourings. The process of growing stresses the importance of preserving the natural and organic quality products with ganoderma.

The international headquarters were awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9002, which symbolizes the company devotion and commitment in the management of a strictly controlled production system to produce excellent quality products. Also, it has been recognized with the GMP by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, and with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and TFA. On July 17 2006, DXN’s Laboratory received the MS ISO / IEC 17025 certificate of accreditation for technical competence and adequacy, and implementation and operation of a quality management system in their laboratory.


DXN Ganoderma products use:

Ganoderma 18 days old and the Spores of Ganoderma 3 months old.

Micro-pulverization – the product is pulverized with a special technique that has been developed by the company so that even tiny seeds break into tiny particles. This is done for better absorption by the human body. All the active ingredients of ganoderma are maintained throughout the described treatment.

Sterilization chamber – DXN production is done under COMPLETELY controlled cultivation factors. The polybags are sterilized with ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION to avoid possible germs and toxins. The ultraviolet radiation maximizes the concentrations of nutrients and the therapeutic effect of the ganoderma.


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