Why DXN spirulina quality stands above the rest?

Here you will find good reasons why DXN spirulina products have managed to gain such a high place in the industry, and among  people looking for high quality spirulina to optimize their diets and maintain a healthy figure and lifestyle.

DXN’s philosophy on low price, high quality, as well as the company focus on research & technology when it comes to cultivating and manufacturing spirulina, has resulted in improvements of the species cultivated and DXN technology getting better results in quality.

DXN carefully selects the best species for cultivation in Kedah state, Malaysia, that has ideal climate conditions suited to ideally cultivate spirulina and enhance it’s active ingredients to maximum potential, without the use of any pesticides, herbicides and other hazardous chemical additives.

*100% organically cultivated in clean ponds under strict hygienic guidelines and quality control with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified standards.

DXN spirulina powder
DXN spirulina powder

*DXN spirulina has rich active ingredients, making it a perfect nutritional supplement and daily super food.

*100% plant based algae product. 

*HALAL certified standards of production and goods.

*Produced from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified factory, along with DXN’s exclusive laboratory and advanced technology.

*Suitable for all ages, and pregnant women.

*DXN spirulina tablets do not contain gelatin or other casing and are easily absorbed.

Contact me for more information about DXN Spirulina, our unbeatable 2017 prices, and delivery right to your door.


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