Where can I find DXN health products?

DXN shoppingDXN has a range of health products that include food & beverages, health food supplements, skin care & cosmetics, personal care, household products and even an appliance series in some countries. DXN has a presence in more than 100 countries, so it is likely that it won’t be too difficult to find their products. DXN’s products have not been traditionally found in convenience stores, supermarkets and health shops as they focus on giving the savings to the customer directly, however this is slowly changing and in many countries you will even find pharmacies that carry DXN products and cafes that serve DXN’s healthy coffee products.

People have a couple options when it comes to purchasing DXN products. They can either choose retail price option, or to choose to become a DXN member and get access to discounts on the DXN network. Both options are simple and will not take that much time from your day. If you would like to buy retail and not become a member you will need to find an authorised DXN distributor or DXN stockist service center. Once you Google “DXN distributors” in your country you should come up with some options near your location. Authorised DXN distributors are the primary people who have access to DXN products and to sell them so make sure to ask them and confirm their member code. You can also visit a local DXN stockist and make your purchase, they usually carry a good range of DXN stock and will be able to service your requirements. If you have a DXN member’s code you can use it at a DXN stockist to receive a discount on your purchase or new registration.

If you choose to become a DXN member, a wise choice even if your just trying the products, you will save anywhere from 6%-15% straight away. And registration does not take more than 10 minutes usually. Once it is complete you will have your own member code and you will have access to DXN eWorld, the company’s online network system that allows members to make orders, check products, track shipments and more. Once you are a registered member you can personally make an order online, or by calling/emailing/visiting your authorised DXN contact, or by calling/emailing/visiting any DXN service center. As a DXN member you will enjoy discounted prices, frequent promotions and an amazing loyalty points system!

DXN eWorld Member LoginHigh quality and savings are main reasons people have DXN memberships and DXN products have the highest and most well trusted certifications available. In addition to the discount member prices, as a new lifetime member in the DXN network you are given a star agent status, earning you a 25% rebate on your personal DXN purchases, higher than any other loyalty system out there. You can earn bonus points for your own product purchases that you can either withdraw or use to pay for your DXN products. To do this new members will need to buy the membership kit and maintain 30 point value per month. Earning more points will move you up the tiers and saving more! (31%, 37% +).

DXN members can order their products online and have them delivered straight to their door by post or by an authorised DXN distributor in their area. Products are usually received on the same or next business day depending on your location and it’s accessibility to the DXN network. DXN products can be purchased using your DXN epoints, bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Interac E Transfer.

If you have any questions about DXN contact me. To become a registered DXN member click here and add my member code: 818429152.


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