Breaking Down the Science of a Healthier Coffee & Tea

DXN pure organic coffeeDXN has made sure that when enjoying it’s coffee & tea selections throughout your day, you will be completely satisfied with the taste and quality. A great amount of effort goes into the research and science of every cup, from each ingredient being thoroughly researched by labs owned by the company, as well as tested and certified 100% with international standards agreed upon by the experts at ISO. This ensures that each blend contains the highest nutritional value for the price without compromising top quality and maintaining consistency in every part of production.

What are the benefits of DXN pure organic coffee & tea?

  • 100% natural and grown without the use of any chemicals or added preservatives that can harm the body over time.
  • Plenty of antioxidants that help prevent damage to cells and body.
  • Highest grade Arabica coffee beans from South America.
  • Contains the special ingredient Ganoderma with over 200 active elements that promote good health including organic germanium, polysaccharides, triterpenoids, adenosine and ganoderic essence.
  • Improves mental performance by increasing alertness, attention and focus.
  • Corrects and improves functions of the respiratory system such as opening up the airways.
  • Improves metabolism and speeds up functions such as breaking down fats.

    * Organic germanium
    is one of the most important elements found in nature and due to the high content of organic germanium in DXN ganoderma (800-2000 p.p.m.) it has proven its effectiveness in fighting cancer and improving cell and organ regeneration. DXN Ganoderma contains the highest concentration of organic germanium (4-6 times more than ginseng) found in nature. Germanium increases oxygen absorption in the blood and boosts the immune system’s natural ability to fight cancer cells. According to studies carried out by popular Dr. Kazuhiko Asai and founder of the Asai Germanium Research Institute, germanium showed a drastic improvement purifying the blood and combating almost any disease.

    * Polysaccharides strengthen the immune system and contain anti aging elements.

    * Triterpenoids reinforce the respiratory system and promote healthy digestion.

    * Adenosine balances the metabolism while maximizing energy. Causes reduction of cholesterol and body fat and unclogs arteries. Also balances pH level in blood.

    * Ganoderic essence rejuvenates the body’s cells and tissues while flushing toxins out of the body. Adds vitality and maintains youthfulness.


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