Making Healthier Choices Saves Money

Improving money savingsGanoderma mushrooms are one of the most – if not the most – potent mushrooms available today in nature. This can be understood the more you read and research about this miraculous red mushroom, that has been classified as medicinal in China, Japan as well as other Asian countries, and study all the evidence and testimonials from those that have been using it until now. Click here to see testimonials video.

Founder and CEO of DXN International, Dato Dr. Lim Siow Jin has been researching ganoderma and human health since 1983, and after 10 years of extensive research and testing authored a book called Ganotherapy that includes detailed theories and observations from his research findings. It describes in detail how Ganotherapy can help cleanse and detox the body from accumulating toxins by using Ganoderma extracts and mycelium to get stronger – a preventative medicine for the body. Natural preventative medicine that has over 200 active medicinal nutrients and that is considered to be the first pharmacopoeia in China (Tang Dynasty 618-907).

From diseased to athletic people the results are always similar and drastic. It’s therapeutic effects stem from the rich nutrients that help feed and boost the immune system and fight off diseases of the body. The human body requires an abundance of daily nutrients and minerals for all processes to function properly – especially the immune system – the main line of defense and protection for the body. No other pharmaceutical drugs will be required to fight off diseases, viruses or tumors as it will balance the body functions through Ganotherapy Stages.

Do you need to follow any special diet?

Once you start using DXN Ganoderma extracts in your daily coffee, tea or other DXN products you do not need to consume any other special ingredients. It will pretty much be enough to begin the ganotherapy stages and start improving the defensive functions of your immune system and detoxification throughout the body. Since ganoderma mushrooms are very potent and have so many important nutrients and minerals included in their essence the minimum recommended dosage will be sufficient to combat illness and start detoxification. You will begin to feel an improvement in your energy levels, focus and well being.

DXN Ganoderma products should become your main source of nutrients, what you eat the rest of the day will not really be able to have the same effect as DXN Ganoderma extracts do but of course the more organic your diet is the better. All substances that can be traced and grown in nature with organically certified standards are most definitely healthy to be consumed. None will be able to match the medicinal properties of DXN Ganoderma products but are still recommended for proper health. That is why consuming DXN products is a great economical way to ensure you are getting the best nutrients for your money.

Using DXN products will increase your savings on groceries as you will find that you will not need to eat as much. A lot of what people eat today are nutrient depleted. The rich nutrients and minerals of DXN products will provide a good rich feast for your system and that will also help you lose weight very easily. The body does not need an abundance of food but an abundance of highest quality 100% organic nutrients and minerals to work optimally, rejuvenate the cells and keep the metabolism functioning in a flawless state. Organic germanium is one of the strongest substances in nature that has proven anti tumor effects and for increasing oxygen absorption of the blood. There is abundance of natural organic germanium found in DXN Ganoderma mushroom (4-6 times more than ginseng). This is especially important for people doing sports that need their body to function at top performance levels, but also for regular people that want to live healthier and to stop consuming unnecessary and unhealthy foods. Moreover, any person that wants to to tip the scales towards super healthy to balance unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, or getting rid of toxins (pollution, stress) will find that ganotherapy is their ideal solution. It is considered superfood nutrition because of it’s unusually high concentration and combination of vital vitamins and minerals.

Would you not want to take the strongest and healthiest natural extract that has proven results and is cheaper than a regular coffee daily? The majority of DXN consumers agree that with DXN products they know for sure they are getting the strongest, most natural, most certified and economical products. They can also trace product origins back to DXN farms where there is complete clarity on production, manufacturing and current research.

Contact me to take the DXN challenge and compare your favorite daily beverage with DXN range of beverages! You will love the results in your health and improved savings in your wallet are guaranteed! Does it get any better than this?


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